Advertise your Cape Cod area Sale on Cape Cod Yard Sales .com. Our search engine position along with traffic delivered from our network of Cape Cod websites ensures that your sale will stand out (You are here!). On any given day there are thousands of people driving around the Cape looking for bargains and treasures at yard sales, estate and garage sales. Antiques to collectables, jewelry to sports cards.

How do you make your sale stand out above the others? By making sure that as many people as you can reach know about your sale, the types of products you have to offer, how & when to find your sale so they can begin shopping.

Alot of hard work goes into a successful sale, but it all begins with making sure the buyers come.

Notice - Effective June 1, 2013 - All Yard Sales Automatically Upgrade to "Expanded Sale Plan" - for the same $20 fee. 
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Standard Listing - List your Cape Cod Yard, Estate or Garage Sale on our Home Page for $20.00. Your listing can be placed up to 1 full week prior to the sale, and will be removed soon after the sale. This allows folks planning to visit Cape Cod to go yard-sale-shopping to schedule your sale into their plans. You can have approximately 30+- words in our Standard Listing, to include directions, dates and description of your sale.
Expanded Sale Plan- includes your listing on our Home Page and all other features of the "Standard Listing", but also includes a personalized web page where you can provide much more detailed information about your sale. We can post a map of your sale location, you can give a breakdown of inventory, and you will have your own web address so that you too can promote your sale in newspaper or other advertisements - e.g. The cost for our Expanded Sale Plan is $40.00.
Site Sponsorships - We receive significant traffic by those interesting Cape Cod area products and goods. We have set aside advertising banner space on our website for companies on Cape Cod that offer products or services that would be of interest to our visitors. From T-Shirts to Crafters, Antiques to Swap Shops, Used Goods to Discount Stores, our visitors would love to know of your products. Contact us for pricing for longer term sponsorship space.
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